The traditional lease agent listen to your requests and then selects a large number of objects for you to visit. On many occassions you visit 10-20 properties, 90% of which you would never consider.

We do the hard part for you, and save you a lot of footwork, time and money. This is how we process your requests:

Step 1.

We collect your requests trough this web sites and then discuss with you face-to-face.
Based on this, we screen all properties available at that time that meets your requests.
This process normally produce 20-30 potential objects.

Step 2.
In the next step we survey each object more in detail, and on most occasions even do an on-site external check of the property and neighborhood.
After this survey we make a report on the 15-15 most promising properties with all essential data (rent and fees, floor space, transportation, schools, shopping, etc.) photos, floor plans and location maps.

Step 3.
After you have reviewed the report, we decide together which properties we should visit with you for a more through inspection. This phase normally involves 4-8 properties which can be visited in one or two days.

Step 4.
Based on the visit we make a final report with our conclusions and photos so that you have a good basis for making your decision. Visiting 4-8 properties in a short period of time makes it difficult to recall the advantages and drawbacks of each property.

Step 6.
When you have made your decision, we lead you to contract between you and the landlord.
When the contract is done and you have moved in, we are still here to support you if there is any problems!