Articles of Association

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ) was established in 1999 with its main purpose to promote trade and economic exchange between Japan and Finland. FCCJ is a non-profit organization operated by annual membership fees.

FCCJ is officially approved by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and is also a part of Finncham network of 35 Finnish Chambers of Commerce around the world.

The main part of our members consists of Finnish companies established in Japan and Japanese companies having, or aiming at business operations with Finland. We also accept individual members.


FCCJ’s mission is to increase its members’ business success by providing information, know-how and networking opportunities to the highest standards. FCCJ will attain and keep a balanced and complete member base and provide access to valuable organizations and authorities and maintain active and easily accessible chamber bodies.


The vision of FCCJ is to be an active source of contacts in Japanese-Finnish business relations and recognized and respected body in business-related issues for its members and potential members. 

The member-base of FCCJ will be broadened towards non-resident members, Japanese companies in Finland and other potential member groups by active marketing and developing membership towards more tailored packages for different member segments.