Coffee with Finnair CCO Ole OrvéR

2022 November

What's IN The Plans With Finnair, with CCO Ole ORVéR


One of the most challenging industries during the past few years, aviation has gone through many changes. In international business, air travel is a necessity and staying on top of the latest development is crucial. 

Join us to meet with Ole Orvér, CCO of Finnair how will share us with some latest insights on their new Haneda route, air travel in overall and the future vision of the industry!

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フィンエアーCCO、OLE ORVÉRより業界の最新のインサイト、新しいヘルシンキ・羽田路線、そして総合的に航空業界の最新のトレンドについてお聞きください!



Ole Orvér, CCO

As Chief Commercial Officer for Finnair, Ole is responsible for Finnair Sales, Network and Revenue activities as well as Customer Experience.

His team is integral in creating Finnair’s modern premium offering, with focus on choice and sustainability, and making it available for customers across all our sales channels.

Ole’s team is also responsible for defining Finnair’s network and traffic program, as Finnair gradually ramps up its operations.

Before joining Finnair, Ole worked as a consultant for airlines and airport operators, and he also has an extensive experience in leadership positions in several airlines, including Qatar Airways, LOT Airlines, Air Berlin and SAS.





In case you have not had time yet, this is also a great opportunity to see another FCCJ member company, Finntour in action. The venue for our event is the Nordic style café, Hyvää matkaa! which was opened in Spring 2022 and is operated by a travel company specializing into traveling to Nordics and Baltics. Be sure to check it out!

まだご来店された事がなければ、同時もう一つのFCCJメンバーの最近の活動もご確認する事ができます。今回のイベント会場、喫茶店・イベントスペースのHYVÄÄ MATKAA! は北欧・バルト旅行に専門しているフィンツアーによって運営されています。ぜひご確認ください!


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