2020 MAY

Special Webinar:
Finnish MaaS - Present AND FUTURE

近年MaaS、もしくはMobility as a Serviceは徐々に良く聞くキーワードになってきました。それぞれの国はモビリティー関連の企業を出していますが、フィンランドのモビリティー系のイノベーション・スタートアップ企業は特に注目されています。表面よりも深い部分を見ると、MaaSは社会のあらゆる関係者、公共部門・社会インフラ・サービスプロバイダーなどを繋げる部門になっています。



MaaS or Mobility as a Service has become a term more and more common in the past few years. Though many countries have their own players in this field, Finland has stood out with many promising innovations and startups in this sector. When you take a deeper look, you can also find out that many aspects of society, such as public sector, infrastructure and all service providers come together to form a working ecosystem. 

This webinar aims to give a comprehensive view to MaaS in Finland and to latest development in mobility sector all in all. We will also have time on the latter part of this webinar for a Q&A session for your questions on this topic. This a good chance especially for anyone working in a sector relating to mobility to get a deeper view on the latest development, but also a great opportunity for anyone interested on this topic.

Please note that this webinar will be held in Japanese. Please use the registration form below to register.







Some themes included in this webinar:

  • Mobility / Service 
  • MaaS in Finland – Current Situation
  • Using MaaS to Solve Problems in Society
  • Mobility / Service Planning, Implementation and Operation

Information about the speaker

田中 浩一 氏(フィンランド大使館 商務部)


Koichi Tanaka (Business Finland)

Koichi Tanaka has worked at Business Finland (Embassy of Finland Trade Section) since 1999 working on the business cooperation between Finland and Japan. In his work he has been involved in work on fields of mobile communication, information technology, energy, engineering, social systems and innovations. He has been tightly involved with Finnish-Japanese strategic partnership program which started in 2016, and which focuses on promoting Finnish startup ecosystems cooperation for Japanese companies.