2023 April

Joint Webinar with Finnish Chambers in Asia: Industrial Metaverse - Opportunities and Challenges

The current focus when it comes to the Metaverse is mostly on the world of games, online retail and social media, but there is much more potential for industries that make up the backbones of our economies. Sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and infrastructure will be revolutionized when real machines and factories, buildings and cities, grids and transportation systems are mirrored in the virtual world. 


In the digital environment, problems can be found, analyzed, and fixed quickly – even discovered before they arise. People can work together across different locations as if they were together in the same room, in front of the same machines or objects – that is where innovation takes off. 

What does this mean to your business? What are the opportunities and challenges? Join our webinar to learn more.

Admittance will be limited, and the webinar will be recorded and provided afterwards.

Recording of the Webinar on April 27

Speaker Profiles

Henry Cheung (Moderator)

Managing Director, Kone

Chair, Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Henry Cheung is the Managing Director of KONE Elevator (Hong Kong) Limited, overseeing one of the best Finnish technology company’s Hong Kong operations. He was an engineer by education, railway signalling and telecommunication by training, and have then slowly shifted into a general management role. According to Henry, lifts and escalators and railways serve the same purpose: taking a group of people to their destinations safely. Henry is passionate about innovation and engineering, and is active in local institutions and universities, serving in councils, committees and as advisor and mentor.

Juha Lystilä

Vice President, Americas, Immersal, part of Hexagon

Business development executive with 15+ years of experience in sales, product management and engineering in Silicon Valley. Focused on visual positioning and spatial mapping AR/XR solutions in the real world. Heart in Finland, feet on the California ground.

Leslie Shannon

Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting, Nokia

Leslie Shannon is the Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting for Nokia.  A Silicon Valley-based futurist, she focuses on identifying tech disruptions and opportunities for Nokia and its customers, including 5G-powered developments in robotics, drones, visual analytics, cloud gaming, and especially augmented and virtual reality, the foundations of the Metaverse.  Leslie has a BA from the University of Virginia and a Master’s Degree from Yale University.  She has written Interconnected Realities, a study of the Metaverse’s purpose, and does all her daily fitness work in virtual reality.