CLIC#8 Moomin Valley Park


Joint Chambers Networking Event by CLIC – 
Moomin Monogatari

Event Details:

At the 8th CLIC Event Mr. Robert Hirst, Chairman of Moomin Monogatari Ltd., (Moomin Valley Park) will reveal the secrets behind popularity of Moomin characters in Japan and what made him the spokesperson for the Moomin. 

Moomin Monogatari is the theme park operating company behind Moomin Valley Park located in Hanno, Saitama Prefecture, Opened in March 2019. Together with the neighboring Metsa Village opened in November 2018 these two parks offer a window to Nordic lifestyle and more deeply into the life Moomin Valley Characters ever so popular in Japan.

About CLIC:
CLIC is a loose organization of 11 smaller European Chambers of Commerce in Japan created for the purpose of organizing innovative networking events to enable trading of ideas between the members of the participating chambers. CLIC is the Austrian Business Council, Belgian-Luxembourg, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Swiss Chambers.

8回目のCLICイベントではは、株式会社ムーミン物語ムーミンバレーパーク会長Mr. Robert Hirstをゲストスピーカーとしてお迎えする予定です。