Report from the
FCCJ Annual General Assembly 2022

2022 APRIL


was held on April 6 (WED) in Hybrid Format

The 23rd Ordinary Annual General Assembly of FCCJ was held on April 6 (Wed), starting from 17:00 at the Embassy of Finland (3-5-39, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo).

The General Assembly handled matters according to Article 9 in the Articles of Association. After the Assembly, the night continued with a buffet dinner hosted by Ambassador Pekka Orpana.


Program of the event:

・17:00 – 18:00  FCCJ年次総会 (オンライン参加も可能)

・18:00 – 20:00  ビュッフェディナーと共にネットワーキング(対面での参加のみ)

・17:00 – 18:00  FCCJ Annual General Assembly 2022 (Online participation also possible)

・18:00 – 20:00  Buffet Dinner with networking (Face-to-face participation only)


1. Opening of assembly
2. Election of chairman and secretary for meeting
3. Establish the meeting has a quorum
4. Approval of agenda
5. Introduction of Team Finland members
6. Reports from fiscal year 2021
      – Activity report
      – Financial result
      – Auditor’s report
7. Articles of association – no proposed changes
8. Membership fees for fiscal year 2022
9. Plans and proposals for fiscal year 2022
      – Activity plan
      – Budget proposal
10. Election of members to board of directors
11. Election of auditors
12. Other issues
13. Closing of the assembly

1. 会議の開始
2. 議長及び書記選出
3. 総会の議決数を満たしていることを確認
4. 協議事項の同意
5. チームフィンランドの紹介
6. 2021年度の報告
– 活動報告
– 収支報告
– 監査役報告
7. 定款 – 変更事項提案なし
8. 年間会員費: 2022年度
9. 2022年度の計画
– 活動プラン
– 予算案
10. 商工会議所役員会メンバーの選出
11. 監査役の選出
12. その他の事項
13. 閉会


Due to retirements and relocations, this time 2 members of the board had already voiced that they would not be available for the next period. Hiroyuki Takahashi of Vaisala and Atsushi Ueda of Guest House were elected as their replacements. 3 directors were up for re-election: Juha Kolmonen, Anna-Maria Wiljanen, Ida Tuononen. Right after finishing the General Assembly, new board gathered for a short board meeting to elect the president and vice presidents for the new fiscal year. Erik Ullner was re-elected as the president, with Hiroaki Nagahara and Tatsunosuke Tominaga continuing as the vice presidents. Also Juha Kolmonen, Anna-Maria Wiljanen and Ida Tuononen were elected as vice presidents, to further activate the chamber and widen the presentation of the chamber.