Report: Stora Enso Cup 2019 Autumn

Stora Enso Cup 2019 Autumn, 22 November


The 35th Stora Enso Cup, the golf challenge between the Swedish and Finnish Chambers was played on Friday, 22 November at Golf Club Narita Hightree in Chiba Prefecture. Though the course was really beautiful autumn leaf colors on the trees, weather was unfortunately quite rainy and thus relatively challenging play on the course. Altogether 30 players participated in the competition (18 from FCCJ, 12 from SCCJ). 

FCCJ, which won the three previous events, retained the cup, beating the SCCJ by a fairly clear margin, 87.8 versus 92.3 as average for the best 80% in each team.

Individual winner was Tatsuya Tsuruhisa (SCCJ) with a net 81 (gross 98). Best FCCJ golfer was Hiroaki Sakurai with a net of 84. Best Gross results was also by Tatsuya Tsuruhisa (SCCJ) with 98.

第35回目のStora Enso Cup、スウェーデンとフィンランドの商工会議所のゴルフ大会は11月22日(金)に千葉県にあるゴルフ倶楽部成田ハイツリーにて開催いたしました。紅葉の時期でコースは彩りでとても綺麗でしたが、生憎の雨で難しいプレイになってしまいました。合計30名の参加者でFCCJからの18名、SCCJからの12名の大会でした。