Vaccinations, Pharmaceutical Industry and Japan


Special Webinar:
Vaccinations, Pharmaceutical Industry and Japan

During the 20th century vaccines changed the way of human life. Whereas before a certain disease was many times a fatal one, after the advent of vaccines and wide spread vaccination programs many diseases have either been eradicated or the symptoms vastly mitigated. Nevertheless there is still much misconceptions around the theme: some are quite open to vaccination, while some are terrible afraid of the concept. This year with COVID19, the discussion of vaccines has been perhaps more visible than ever, but still the information seems distant for many in their every day life.

In this webinar, we will have a chance to discuss the topic with an expert with more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, of which most in Japan. Is it really possible to develop a vaccination in just few months? What is involved in the whole process? These are just few questions we will discuss, and all of your questions are more than welcome!



Jussi Salmela is a Finnish born pharma company company expert who has lived and worked most of his life in Japan.

Ever since the late 1970’s when he was responsible for the launch of a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine in Finland, he has been engaged in the development, commercialization and advocacy of vaccines.  With an educational background in Liberal Arts, Jussi had to acquire his knowledge in the field of immunology and ‘vaccinology’ by actually working in the leading pharmaceutical companies.  Now mostly retired, Jussi continues to consult the pharma industry on a wide range of health care issues.  Jussi lives in Tokyo and is a member of FCCJ.


This webinar will be held in English.

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