The Great Reset: COVID, the Future of Work, and Turning Disruption into Opportunity

We are honored to have executives from SCCJ Corporate Member Deloitte Tohmatsu as keynote speakers on this exciting topic. 

In this webinar, they will share their perspectives on the Future of Work, and discuss how companies are using the disruption caused by COVID to rethink Work, the Workplace, and the Workforce. 

·         How is the nature of work changing?

·         Where can the work get done?

·         Who can perform the work as it changes?

Sharing insights, observations, and proprietary research, Deloitte Consulting partners Nicole Scoble-Williams and Erik Almadrones will focus on how companies are using COVID to re-focus on the essentials of their businesses, work more productively, and nurture a more engaged workforce.

Information about the speakers

Nicole Scoble-Williams – Partner, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting

APAC Market Activation Leader for Future of Work.  

20+ years IT Consulting and Human Capital experience across multiple industries and geographies.

  • Focused on helping ‘future proof’ businesses and careers through harnessing the collective intelligence of humans and machines.
  • Advisor on business strategy and digital mindset to help organisations reimagine their future vision and adapt to the new realities of work in today’s digital age.
  • A passionate pioneer, challenging the status quo and driving transformational disruption and sustainable change across businesses and government to accelerate future readiness.
  • With a focus on orchestrating the Future of Work ‘movement’ across the internal and external ecosystem, frequently delivers keynote addresses and participates in panels at conferences and speaking events globally, regionally and locally.

Erik Almadrones – Partner, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting

Erik is a Partner in Monitor Deloitte`s Strategy and Analytics practice, where he helps lead the firm’s analytics and digital transformation offerings. He is a global leader for Deloitte`s Marketing ROI and Pricing practice, and works with clients to align their business strategies with the right data, technology infrastructure, and talent. 

Erik has worked in industry and consulting for more than 20 years, and has deep expertise in technology strategy, cloud transformation, and customer analytics. He has worked with leading brands in automotive, consumer products, and retail, and currently serves as a Lead Consulting Partner for several large multinational companies in Japan.

Erik lives in Tokyo and works with an experienced team of bilingual practitioners.