UPM-KYMMENE JaPAN Cup Autumn 2022



UPM-Kymmene Japan Cup Autumn 2022 – 
Sweden-Finland Golf Challenge

The Sweden-Finland Golf Challenge (team competition between the Swedish and the Finnish Chambers), is back after 3 year break! This time the tournament will be played on Friday, 25 November and this time for the 1st time as UPM-Kymmene Japan Cup by the name of the title sponsor. SCCJ members will also play for their Autumn Golf Cup.

Event Details:

As we play stroke-play with handicap, we need your accurate handicap. If you do not have an official handicap, give your three latest scores. The organizers reserve the right to adjust handicaps based on a player’s performance in the previous events.

The first three in the Autumn 2019 event (the previous SWE-FIN golf challenge) will have their handicaps adjusted by -20%, -10% and -5% respectively and in addition adjusted if they shot below net par.

The team scores will be calculated from the best 80% net scores in each team.