New Member Introduction: Nightingale Health


We are proud to introduce our new member, Nightingale Health. A startup founded in 2013, Nightingale Health is a biotech company aiming to solve the global chronic disease crisis, so that everyone can live a healthier life, in healthier societies. Instead of taking care of the health problem after it has arisen, their mission is to provide information which can be used to predict, and prevent the onset of a chronic disease.

Growing rapidly in the past years, their long term plan of starting operations in Japan is getting on it’s way. This year they have started their operations with opening an office in Tokyo, and in the future there are plans to open more facilities in the country.

Originating from Kuopio in Finland and having one of their laboratories also located there, they also have laboratories in Helsinki, at University of Oxford and University of Bristol in the UK since this year also in Pittsburgh, USA. 

With being selected as the Nordic’s Best Health Tech Startup, Nightingale Health has already cornered attention in the field also internationally. Already some large scale projects ongoing, such as analysing blood samples of the world’s largest health database UK Biobank, they have been expanding their international operations and collaborations in the past years, with the latest announced in June 2019 as the collaboration with National University of Singapore (NUS)



Nightingale Health’s service is based on award-winning, proprietary blood analysis technology backed by over 200 scientific publications. With normal blood testing, you usually get a blood sample taken for each testing purpose separately, for example one to examine your cholesterol, another one for a different purpose. With this usual way of blood testing, you get information on 4 biomarkers which give information on your current health status and can be somewhat used when analysing possible health risks. What is different with Nightingale Health’s biomarker analysis technology, is that with just one test you get information on more than 220 biomarkers, which can then be effectively analysed to predict possible health risks in the person’s future, and predict a chronic disease years ahead of its onset.

Visual explanation on the flow of Nightingale Health's blood testing (Nightingale Health, Technology)

Nightingale utilizes technology called NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and an in-house developed quantification software to study and predict chronic diseases. What this basically means is that after a blood sample is taken, it is put into high-frequency magnet which makes the molecules in the sample resonate. From this resonation you get data information, which can then be analysed on the purpose-built software. As one of the biggest parts of the innovation, this software is producing an analysis which can be directly used by a medical professional in interpreting the results. This gives you the forementioned information on more than 220 biomarkers, which can then be used to analyse if you are in a risk of a chronic disease.

We accelerate breakthroughs in medical research, and help healthcare professionals and individuals fight chronic diseases by creating better tools for disease prediction and assessment of lifestyle effects.