Joint Webinar - Office Market After the Impact of COVID-19

NORDIC NET・WORKS (collaboration of Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Japan) is organizing a joint webinar on the theme of how COVID affects the real estate prices.

The impact of COVID-19 in has fundamentally changed all aspects of our social activities, both private and as professionals. With minimal preparation, office workers of Japan were asked to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus. After over 6 months of companies and employees adjusting to this new reality, has the role of the office changed? What are the current needs and rising trends following new workstyles and office environment? Will this be the end of 1,5 h commutes?

In this webinar we will hear experts from Sanko Estate give their outlook on the evolving office market in Tokyo. We will also learn insights from five real company cases. This event will be given in English. 


Information about the speakers

Ryutaro Nakamura
Head of Section 1, International Department
Sanko Estate Co., Ltd.
Licensed Realtor, Facility Manager Certification Japan (CFMJ)
Certified Real Estate Consulting Master

Makoto Kanno
Head of Office Consulting Services, Director, Sanko Estate Co., Ltd.
Facility Manager Certification Japan (CFMJ), MCR

Masaki Oba
International Department, Sanko Estate Co., Ltd.