Report: ​FCCJ Christmas Luncheon

​FCCJ Christmas Luncheon, 14 December


We had a great evening with all of the 5 Nordic chambers (DCCJ, FCCJ, ISCCJ, NCCJ, and SCCJ) as we co-organized Scandinavian Craft Beer Evening at Coaster, Craft Beer and Kitchen (Shimokitazawa) on Thursday, August 1st. The event was sold out with 100 participants and guests had a rare chance to enjoy 12 kinds of high-end craft beer from Denmark, Norway and Sweden from brands such as Omnipollo (Stockholm SWE), O/O (Gothenburg SWE), Mikkeller (DEN) To ØL (DEN), Oslo Brewing (NOR) Lervig (NOR) and 7Fjell (NOR). 

Though there was no Finnish craft beer available this time, this was covered with another Finnish product. In addition to all guests receiving a limited-edition Scandinavian Craft Beer 2019 glass to take home with them after the event, ScanJap corporation generously sponsored the event with free give-aways of Finnish Oulu Mustard to take away.  

Beer tasted great in the hot summer night and we hope we can arrange a similar event also in the future. It was a great chance not just to have some Nordic tastes, but also a magnificent opportunity to meet new fellow Nordics.

北欧5ヵ国の商工会議所 (デンマーク・フィンランド・アイスランド・ノルウェー・スウェーデン)が共同で北欧クラフトビールイブニング2019を開催しました。今回の会場は下北沢のCoaster クラフトビール&キッチンでした。各商工会議所を合わせて100名のゲストでイベントは好調で満席になりました。デンマーク・ノルウェー・スウェーデンの様々なクラフトビールの12種を味わうことができ、中にはOmnipollo (ストックホルム、スウェーデン)、O/O(ヨーテボリ、スウェーデン)、 Mikkeller (デンマーク)、 To ØL (デンマーク), Oslo Brewing (ノルウェー)、 Lervig (ノルウェー) 、 7Fjell (ノルウェー)などがありました。